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Парикмахер — Женский мастер КАРЦЕВА АННА

Специалист Красота / Уход за волосами / Стрижка / Окрашивание / Прически / Укладка волос / Салоны Красоты / Завивка, выпрямление / Женский мастер

WhatsApp- 0550 906 506

Бишкек, ул. Ахунбаева 95,пересекает Жукеева-Пудовкина

Отзыв на 08.09.2017. #1 65 Отзывов

Very happy I found her. Very friendly and very professional. I got my hair cut and going to color my hair soon. Can't wait. I definitely advise her.

Цай Наталья Алексеевна

Специалист Врачи / Медицина / Акушер-гинеколог

(0312) 90 60 90

ул. Орозбекова, 46, Бишкек

Отзыв на 08.09.2017. #1 2 Отзывов

I had erosion problem and went to see this doctor. She made me do lots of lab works. She wasn't very pleasant and when she took erosion sample she made go through hell, lots of pain. She told me that I might have a cancer soon if I don't treat it as soon as possible bla bla. Didn't really advice any good treatments. I got tired of her at the end and went to another doctor and she told me that I had a basic erozion and treated me without any problems.


Специалист Медицинские Учреждения

+996 (312) 90 60 90

улица Орозбекова, 46, Бишкек, Киргизия

Отзыв на 08.09.2017. #1 3 Отзывов

Couple years ago I had to go to this medical center and I was very disappointed. They made pay so much for some lab works I didn't really need ( I realized that at the end) doctors are not that great. It seems like they want just your money. Very expensive. I don't advice you guys this place.
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